Over 20.000 customers used and pleasant with Dung EleganT

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FANTASTIC TAILORING PLACE!! highly recommended for anyone to make an awesome suit when in vietnam!!

Kenneth Cheng - Customer

Great quality and great service

Great quality and great service! Reasonable prices and definitely one of the best in Ho Chi Minh. Would recommend!

Dung Tailor is very nice

Dung Tailor is very nice, I always make my shirts there!

I think have a good materials and quality

I think have a good materials and quality , the prices are fantastic !!!! Would recommend

Very nice staff

Very nice staff! They work with you to get you exactly what you want and the prices are fantastic. I'm excited to pick up my final order. I ordered three suits for my husband and everything in the store looks to be very good quality.

Friendly & helpful staffs

Friendly & helpful staffs! Will definitely come back

Great staff

This my 2nd suit. I have been to several Taylors. I ordered pants from 4 of them and was not happy with the quality. This taylor was the only one that that I was satisfied with. Great staff! Fai prices with quality selection of fabric. Highly recommend!